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Interpolation Circuit GC-IP1000B


The GC-IP1000B interpolation IC has been designed for connection to incremental position and angular measurement systems with sine-shaped output signals with a 90° phase shift. It can be operated at a large number of transducer systems working according to the most varied measuring principles. With a maximum interpolation rate of 1000 the IC is capable to slit the input signal period into up to 1000 segments. An internal counter provides a counting value which can be output via a serial interface. Furthermore there is the possibility to output the data as a pair of square waves for processing externally. The GC-IP1000B is ideal for single chip interpolation systems, micro-computer based measuring devices, as well as multi channel systems. Proprietary automatic gain and offset regulation, as well as the possibility of an analogue phase correction ensure a high measuring precision under industrial conditions. An integrated measuring value trigger enables the use in real-time applications.

Technical Data

Analogue Part

Analogue input:

3 differential channels (sine, cosine, reference)
Voltage input 1VPP (differential)
4 input voltage ranges  (100mVPP, 120mVPP, 145mVPP, 1VPP) (differential)
Single-ended input 2VPP
Maximum input frequency 100kHz


Internal  converter max. 340kS/s

Signal correction:

Patented gain- and offset regulation
Phase correction static via internal digital potentiometer

Digital Part

Interpolation rate:

100, 125, 200, 250, 400, 500, 800,1000

Output signals:

28-Bit counting value
90° phase offset square wave signals resp. up / down counter pulses
Error signal

Possibilities of  configuration:

Configuration pins, EEPROM, serial interface (SPI)

Serial interface:

For configuration and measuring value output
16 Bit synchronous / asynchronous mode
Not required for trivial systems


8 configuration banks
For regulator settings (gain, offset, phase)
For any type of user data in conjunction with SPI
Not required for trivial systems


Glitch filter:

Filter for suppressing the edge distance noise at low input frequencies

Interval time:

Programmable for adjusting the IC to slower counters


Edge controlled measuring trigger

Error output:

Programmable sensor failure response



10mm x 10mm x 1,4mm




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Interpolation IC GC-IP1000B, TQFP 64